Everyone knows that the current 2017-ford-fiesta-interiorFord Fiesta ST is arguably one of the most fun cars on the road you can buy today, but I’ll admit I was never too crazy about it. Sure it had cool angles, a big grill, and a turbo, but nothing in the world could get me to live with that interior. The Fiesta ST had weirdly shaped gauges, verticle air vents, a goofy looking climate control panel, and an infotainment panel that didn’t even match the former. It seemed that the interior of the Fiesta ST wasn’t as important to Ford as the performance… until now.

Ford just announced the 2018 Fiesta a few days ago and then leaked a little more about the ST model today. And the biggest improvement? The interior. The entire thing looks like it belongs together now. The gauges are more sophisticated, the steering wheel isn’t as bulky, heck, they even took a page out of Mazda’s book with the infotainment screen placement. The only thing missing is a full shot of the sport seats but I’m sure those will look better too!

And, since all of the info is on every automotive site already, here is what’s expected to change for performance. The two big things are that Ford may be saving weight by using a turbocharged 3-cylinder engine and there may be selectable drive modes such as eco, sport, and track. There is no word on Recaro seats and it is likely to remain front wheel drive.

We should expect the 2018 Ford Fiesta ST to hit dealerships at the end of 2017. And, since my car just recently went out of commission, this one will definitely be on my radar!