Cars & Coffee of Siouxland is no longer a rumor around Sioux Falls, it’s the car show of the summer! July 2018 proved in spades how great weather, cars, coffee, and donuts can bring people together on a Saturday morning. There were over 150 cars, twice as many people, and quadruple the amount of pictures taken!

With July we also tried a new format by separating cars by their countries of origin. To put it into perspective, each row held about 35 – 40 cars and we had an entire row filled with European cars, one filled with American cars, and another with Japanese/Tuner cars. It’s a good day when you have overflow into a fourth row!

Thanks again to everyone who brought their cars out, came to spectate, and donated money so we can continue to make Cars & Coffee of Siouxland the most diverse car show in South Dakota! For information on future events, click here, and we’ll see you in August!

Some cars of note:

  • Custom Audi R8 V10 Plus
  • 1968 L023 Hurst Hemi Superstock Dodge Dart
  • Dodge Demon
  • Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4
  • Shelby GLHS