This year’s Central Crown Rally was two times the affair as last year in almost every way. The event was 2 days instead of 1, there were over 100 teams instead of 50, and the dollar amount of cars was definitely doubled, if not tripled!

The third year of the Central Crown is reaping the benefits from car enthusiasts all around the northern Midwest. With more participants they are able to offer more perks for the hefty $1000 team signup price. Drivers got custom vinyls, the rally lasted two days, there was a mid-day check point in Wisconsin, and the awards came in piston shaped trophies.

Now, the Rally didn’t line up with my schedule this year so I wasn’t able to attend but I was fortunately in Minneapolis the same time as the launch party. I got some great pics but if the rally was half as good as it was last year, it was a total blast! See you in 2016!