I’ve been to about every Hot Summer Nites in Sioux Falls since 2012 and this year’s had by far the most variety. Even though it’s a Corvette exclusive show, the amount of different models you see here is exceptional. If you’ve ever had a crush on any Corvette from any era, you’re likely to see at least one at Hot Summer Nites.

Speaking of the past, in 2012, you were lucky to see a couple of C6 ZR1s, in 2013 there were a few of the newly released C7 Stingrays, and in 2016 a couple of C7 Z06s made the trip. This year was special because not only did we get multiples of each late performance Corvette, we also got some built for the race track and the super exclusive Callaway Aerowagen.

The Callaway Aerowagen is a special kit you can buy for your Corvette to turn it into a hatchback. That’s right, for $14,990 you can have the hottest hatchback in existence! The kit comes with the hatch assembly, upper spoiler, halo bar, tempered glass, rear spoiler, and the special badging. This thing looks seriously cool and the photos almost don’t do it justice.

I also made it a point to take more interior pictures at the show. I’ve taken a million photos of the outside of Corvettes and forgot just how unique some of the insides are! Thanks to all who keep bringing their rare and unique Corvettes to Hot Summer Nites and I’m looking forward to taking pictures at next year’s event!