Waking up at 6:00 AM on a Saturday is not every college kid’s dream. I won’t stir for just anything that hour of the morning, but Cars and Coffee, especially the final one for 2014, was definitely worth it. Being October, it was a balmy 39° here in the Twin Cities. I knew it was going to be a brutal show, but wrapping in 5 layers made it almost bearable. Arriving late at 7:10am (gates open at 7) would have had us turned away in our Ford Focus ST, but there were no gatekeeper in sight.

Among the early participants was a handful of Acura NSX’s, several Subarus, far too many Audis, and a Mustang or two. As the crowd slowly grew, a few Aston Martins, a selection of Ferrari’s, and a limited number of Porsche 911’s decided to grace us with their presence as well. The MN Exotics and Supercars Group rolled in with spectacular fashion; sporting two Lamborghini Gallardo’s (one twin turbo’d), a Murcielago, a Ferrari F430, and a couple of Porsches.

Minnesota Cars & Coffee - October 2014-9

After an hour or two, a matte-black, wrapped Lamborghini Aventador made its attendance with a shiny new exhaust made known immediately by revving for a period of time. Boy did that wake up the crowd! I haven’t seen the attendees flock that fast since J showed up, late, in his Bugatti Veyron Vitesse.

Soon after, the show really picked up. Ferraris were streaming in, another Murcielago and Gallardo came, and this really bad ass flame truck that was carrying several classy motorcycles. The best car(s) of the day, though, had to be the two DMC Delorians that showed up.

It was a spectacular turn out, all things considered. It was also a spectacular year and we have very high hopes for next season!