For the fourth time this summer, Ron Soliman and the crew at RS Motors put on a successful autocross event out at Dakota County Technical College. An impressive 28 drivers signed up and 6 instructors came out to coach. Food was consumed, tires were destroyed, and brake rotors were super-heated; all the makings of an epic evening. While the turnout was mostly Mitsubishi Evolutions, all cars are welcome.

This event couldn’t have been possible without the volunteers and instructors coming early to help setup and individually coach each driver. There were 3 groups of different skill levels: novice, intermediate, and expert. The groups were small enough that there was plenty of track to go around. Novice and intermediate had one on one coaching while driving, which is an incredibly valuable learning experience.

Charles Miller, a frequenter to auto events across Minnesota, had this to say, “The nice thing about autocross is that it’s not a judgment zone, no matter what region you’re in. There are all sorts of cars that come out, some of which that you’d never even think to run, but people still do it and they have a blast in the process.”

All of the racers at autocross events across the country have started out knowing nothing and worked their way up. 

Miller went on to recall his first experience at autocross, “I remember my first event well. I didn’t know a single person there but I drove my car hard, and quite badly, and had a good time doing it. Even if you’re a bit apprehensive, just go out and try it. The worst that can happen is you hit a few cones and learn a thing or two.” 

While this was the last RS Motors event of the season, there are tons of opportunities with other groups. Check your local listings for more information.