I know this month has been crowded with Porsche spots but c’mon, I had to stop for a brand new Porsche 911 Turbo S! Here’s what I do know about this particular car. It’s the 991 body style, it has 580 horsepower, and starts at around $190,700. The 911 is Porsches bread-n-butter and the Turbo S is the 911 on steroids. Also the 991 is one of my favorite 911 generations of all time.

Here’s what I don’t know about this particular car. It mainly peaked my interest because of its unique spec. This combo looks similar to Porsche’s hypercar, the 918 Spyder, but I couldn’t find any of these color and wheel options on Porsche’s website. I dug a little and found that the color is a nonmetallic grey that Porsche calls Crayon Grey or Chalk Grey or even Fashion Grey; I’m not exactly sure. The caliper color is Acid Green and is also not configurable on Porsche’s website right now. As for the wheels, they look to be an optional Porsche wheel with center locks. Either way, this is a striking combination and I hope to see it around Sioux Falls more often!