There are enough Porsches in Sioux Falls at this point that they are not nearly the head-turners they used to be. One can easily spot a Boxster or Cayman on their way to the grocery store and not bat an eye. However, Porsche still produces some unique marvels of engineering that even the most car-neutral people can’t help but stare at. One of those models is the 911 GT3.

If you’re wondering, all GT3s are 911s, but the 991 in the title is Porsche’s in-house designation for this generation (the new gen is coming in 2020). This 991 GT3, in particular, is special because it has a 4.0 liter inline-six engine that revs to 9000 rpms (take that Honda S2000 fanboys!), larger front grille for aero purposes, a bigger wing, upgraded suspension, and an optional manual transmission; basically a race car for the road. And did I mention those super awesome air-intakes behind the windshield?