Recently I made a trek back to the Detroit Metro to visit some friends. These were friends I had met through owning my 1993.5 Toyota Supra. Both of them were fellow Supra owners of various caliber. One was a beautiful and fully built 900 wheel horsepower monster, that was currently out of commission. The other, a single turbo 700 wheel horsepower cruiser that was a gorgeous shade of silver; Quicksilver.

This particular Quicksilver was not originally this color. It was resprayed, but very well. Upon closer inspection, it appears the modifications go much further than the paint. The brakes, for instance, are giant Brembo units from the Cadillac CTS-V. The twin turbos have been replaced for one, albeit very large, turbo. This allows the car to make right around 700 horsepower to the wheels with just as much torque! All this controlled by a ProEFT computer which also allows the car to run on true flex fuel. This is a departure from the traditional ethanol tuned cars, that are strictly e85 ethanol only.

The details of this car are where things get out of hand. The interior lighting has all been converted to LED making the interior much more current. The headlights have been converted to Acura TSX projector units. The sound system continues the theme of updates, with a custom built subwoofer enclosure. The owner has really taken pride of ownership and craftsmanship by bringing this 90’s sports car into the 21st century.

In the background of these photos are the gracious host’s 1996 Toyota Supra, currently apart for a new built block, and his wild LP-570SL Lamborghini with over 60,000 miles!