Last Saturday was our Cars & Coffee of Siouxland for July and holy crap was it a good one! The temperature was perfect and there was hardly any wind so I could, for the first time this year, put all the coffee, donuts, and signage out on the table without them blowing away. But let’s skip the pleasantries and get to the cars.

There were many firsts and biggests for CCSL this month and I couldn’t be happier with the entire turnout. I’ll pop the stats in a list below:

  • First time with 4 mid-engined cars
  • First time with 5 supercars
  • Biggest range in auto years (1935 Ford pickup – 2016 Mercedes AMG GT)
  • Most expansive variety of cars to date

Some cars to note are the McLaren 12C, Alfa Romeo 4C, and the Ford GT. Also thanks to Vern Eide Acura from bringing out their NSX and welcome to the newcomer Mercedes AMG GT! Thanks to everyone else who brought their amazing and unique cars to the show and thanks for donating to keep CCSL going strong! See you next month!