Normally I’m an Xbox guy because I’m a Halo and Forza Motorsport fanboy, but this trailer for the upcoming addition to Gran Turismo is hard to ignore. The new game is called Gran Turismo Sport and is due sometime in 2017. It also looks like the franchise’s most ambition game to date so here are some quick facts:

  • Real Driving: There’s a “Beginner’s School” to teach players how to really drive on a track, really.
  • GT Sports Mode: You can log on and watch the top racers in the world live! Soon, gaming pros will be as popular is F1 pros.
  • Get Your License: You can acquire a REAL motorsport license called the FIA Gran Turismo Digital License. You’ll have to fulfill prereqs in the game and so far 22 countries will acknowledge it!
  • Race How You Want: From the trailer, it appears that you can do anything from Class D racing to F1, to Nascar, to rally racing.

By far the most impressive parts of the Sport are the graphics. Coming in at full 4K resolution, there is no part of this trailer that doesn’t look real. Forza 6 and Forza Horizon 3 look fantastic, but Gran Turismo may have set the new bar. Expect it to hit shelves in 2017.