Import Soup 2014

Year two marks even more success for the Relentless Production guys with Import Soup 2014! The weather was perfect, the cars were clean, and the people were great. If you know you want to buy a sports car or don’t know what types of mods to do, Import Soup is guaranteed to answer your questions.

Last year was the first round of Import Soup so here’s some fast facts about round 2:

  • They raised over 300 lbs of non-perishable food to donate to Feeding South Dakota
  • They received $370 in cash donations which allows Feeding South Dakota to buy 8 lbs of food per $1
  • Over 170 cars attended the event
  • 50 of those cars participated in the Autocross event immediatly following. (Post on that later)

This was a great event and I saw everything from super clean stock sports cars to fully gutted track cars, to lowrider scooters and yes, a lowrider scooter is exactly what it sounds like.

We’ve prepared a massive photo gallery of the event so enjoy all the eye candy from Import Soup 2014! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook so you can tag yourself or a friend if you see their car!

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