Shoots! 1993 Mazda RX-7

    1993 never looked so good...

    After documenting the journey of picking up my new Mazda RX-7, it was only right that I went out for multiple photo shoots.

    It is a 1993 Mazda RX-7 R1 with a GM Performance LS3 V8 purchased as a crate motor. There is carbon everywhere on the car. The hood, hatch, doors, mirrors, gauge surround, door sills…everything is carbon. It has a mild cam and makes 460 whp, but weighs a mere 2800lbs. It is an absolute riot.

    The RX-7 is extremely balanced. It handles like it is on rails. The power is savage and immediate. The driver feels connected with the car as it is very analog. You can feel the road but it is still a comfortable ride. The stock suspension hasn’t been replaced with a full race setup. Rather, it has Koni struts and a set of lowering springs that give it a great stance, but retain the stock comfort.

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    The car is painted in GM Shark Grey with a matte clear coat. It is not a wrap, it is full paint! And the carbon accents give it a modern feel.

    This car is as good as it gets. It is raw enough to excite you, but not to the point where you do not want to drive it. It is comfortable enough to drive on Minnesota roads, but sporty enough to tear into the Lakeside roads. I am so excited to share the car with all of you and for the journey ahead!

    Oh, and give this a listen…

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    Steve Miller
    Steve Miller
    I am a sarcastic, honest, fanatical car guy who tells it like it is. I have a passion for how things work and no patience for stupidity. My dream car is a Koenigsegg Agera R because the engineering behind it is superb.


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