Automania 2016 – Brandon, SD

Automania 2016 occurred on June 25th in Brandon, South Dakota. This is the fourth year it has been hosted in Brandon and it was a great turn out variety-wise. Normally there is an infinite amount of Mustangs and Camaros but all corners of the Earth made an appearance. There was an LS swapped Datsun, a group of small English coupes, and a limited edition Lamborghini Diablo.

As a side note, Automania seemed to have downsized quite a bit this year. Some side parking lots that were full on previous years were empty, there were only a handful of vendors, and it was only a one day event despite trying a two-day event in 2014. Maybe, with the gigantic growth in downtown Sioux Falls, it’s time to bring Automania back home!

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