2011 Range Rover Sport-4

    Video! 2011 Range Rover Sport

    Watch Steve tear up a field and Chris show off the grip.
    2014 Twin Cities Auto Show Video

    Video! Twin Cities Auto Show – 2014

    Chris shows off some neat cars at the Twin Cities Auto Show.
    Podcast 1 - Firsts

    Short Shift Podcast 1 – Firsts

    Chris and Steve chat about their first, and worst, experiences with cars.
    Audi R8 Wallpaper - Short Shift

    Wallpaper – Audi R8

    An Audi R8 for your Desktop.
    BMW M6 Gran Coupe Wallpaper - Short Shift

    Wallpaper – BMW M6 Gran Coupe

    A BMW M6 Gran Coupe for your desktop.
    Ferrari 458 Italia Wallpaper - Short Shift

    Wallpaper – Ferrari 458 Italia

    A Ferrari 458 Italia for your desktop.
    Ford GT40 Wallpaper - Short Shift

    Wallpaper – Ford GT40

    A Ford GT40 for your desktop.
    Maserati GranCabrio Wallpaper - Short Shift

    Wallpaper – Maserati GranCabrio

    A Maserati GranCabrio for your desktop.
    Bugatti Veyron Wallpaper - Short Shift

    Wallpaper – Bugatti Veyron

    A Bugatti Veyron for your desktop.
    C1 and C7 Corvette- Short Shift

    Wallpaper – C1 and C7 Chevy Corvettes

    A C1 and C7 Corvette for your desktop.
    2013 McLaren MP4-12C - Short Shift

    Wallpaper – McLaren MP4-12C

    A McLaren MP4-12C for your desktop.
    Spools Mitsubishi Evolution X - Short Shift

    Wallpaper – Spools Mitsubishi Evolution X

    A Mitsubishi Evolution X for you desktop.
    Cntral Crown 2014 Preview

    Video! Central Crown Rally 2014 – Preview

    The Rally kicks off September 20th with cars, open roads, and, *pushes glasses up*, rooftop parties.
    Podcast 2 - Memories

    Short Shift Podcast 2 – Memories

    If Justin Bieber can write an Autobiography, we can take a trip down memory lane.
    BMW E92 M3 - Short Shift

    Wallpaper – BMW E92 M3

    A BMW E92 M3 for your desktop.
    Lotus Super 7 - Short Shift

    Wallpaper – Lotus Super 7

    A Lotus Super 7 for your desktop.