Video! Cars & Coffee of Siouxland


One of the best parts about putting on a car show is you get to witness other talented photographers and videographers cover the event through their eyes, or rather, their lens. Last night Short Shift was tagged in a video on Instagram and it was too cool not to share. The video cover’s April’s Cars & Coffee of Siouxland event and it’s just a small taste of what the show offers.

After watching the video I reached out to the creator, Ryan Alexander, and asked his permission to post it on the site. He was cool with it but I also did a little recon to see what he’s all about. Ryan is a photographer and videographer for Ryan Alexander Photography but also goes by Rylex Media. On top of cars, he also shoots senior pics and weddings. If you like his stuff we’ll show you the links to follow him below.

Ryan Alexander Photography

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