What Happened To Atlis Motor Vehicles?

    An Ambitious Electric Truck Platform

    I’ll be the first one to tell you that I am extremely excited for the future of electric vehicles. I think they will be more fun, more practical, more affordable, and more responsible than internal combustion cars. We know Ford invested in the upcoming Rivian R1T electric truck, Karma (formerly Fisker) is still hanging on in the luxury market, and Rimac makes electric hypercars for the ultra rich, and GM has made a promise to have 30 electric vehicles by 2025, but, other than Tesla, who are the other independents still trying to get their skin in the game?

    One name buzzing around the internet a couple years ago was Atlis Motor Vehicles. I had heard of them, but never paid much attention because of the exciting things coming from Tesla, Volvo, Ford, and GM. That is, not until I was reminded of Atlis in my social media feed today. However, the strange thing was that the advertisement wasn’t asking me to buy a completed truck, it was asking me to invest. The even stranger thing is that they closed their $25 million IPO in late 2020 and have been a bit quiet ever since.

    Who The Heck Are Atlis Motor Vehicles?

    Founded in 2016 by a guy named Mark Hanchett, Atlis Motor Vehicles is aiming to sell you an affordable electric truck that has a 500 mile range and charges in 15 minutes. Their XT Pickup Truck will be their initial vehicle and it will be built on top of their XP Platform; basically four wheels attached to a battery. The XP Platform looks to have a lot of customizable options, support different bed sizes, and boasts a 20-minute swap-out time for a problematic unit. All promising stuff!

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    What Are The Specs?

    • 3/4 and 1-Ton wheelbases
    • XT Pickup will start at $45,000, climbing up to $85,000+ with options
    • 300, 400, and 500 mile range units
    • 20 minute powertrain swap
    • 1,600 volt charging w/ compatibility for 400 & 800 volts
    • 0 – 100% charge in 20 minutes
    • Up to 17,000 lbs hitch towing
    • Up to 35,000 lbs gooseneck towing
    • Up to 5,000 lb payload capacity

    What Are The Numbers?

    *According to their website as of 2/16/2021

    • $25 Million public offering at $8.24/share in Sept 2020
    • 3328 current investors
    • $166 Million Company Value
    • 25,000+ vehicle and platform reservations
    • 17,096,177 issues & outstanding shares
    • $4,560,897 raised so far

    What Are They Up To Now?

    Well, investment for Atlis has closed and they haven’t had a new blog post on their website since September of 2020. News on the web is scarce as well. They do have an interesting “Roadmap” page that displays their progress, but lacks any real numbers to cling onto. However, they do seem to keep up with posting on Facebook and YouTube. Hey, maybe they’re focusing all of their attention on the product instead of updating the site?

    As for news that I could find, Green Car Reports says that Atlis is still looking at a late 2021 production and plans to reveal an XT prototype in the first quarter of 2021. They’ve also partnered with Media Tech Co., Ltd as a machinery supplier and Greatech for battery pack production, which might be good news for that 1,600 volt, 15-minute charge claim.

    Below is Atlis Motor Vehicles latest Progress Report:

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    What Do I Think of Atlis?

    Well, I had to look pretty hard to find any new information about Atlis Motor Vehicles. I’m also curious as to why I got an ad asking to invest in Atlis if their website states that investment has ended. Being a so-called “web guy” and a millennial, I think they need to put more effort into keeping that website updated every day!

    As far as the product goes, I love the idea of a modular powertrain. I also love the idea of a company being able to sell their battery platform (XP in Atlis’s case) to other manufacturers and startups so they can custom make vehicles to suit their needs. It seems to me that Mark Hanchett had this well thought out from the get-go, developing the battery platform and the vehicle separately, and has a great vision for the future. I suppose like all things it now comes down to demand, development, and funding. Will Atlis Motor Vehicles compete, go belly-up, or will they be bought out? Only time will tell.

    Update 2/23/21

    It appears that Atlis has partnered with Clemson University for a 3-year study to further develop EV batteries.

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    Chris Berke
    Chris Berke
    I am the founder and editor of Short Shift. My obsession with wanting to drive every car ever made me build a website so I could share my experiences with the world. I love cars, traveling, and my cats, Henry and Winston.


    1. Have you seen the Atlis electric truck? No one has. It’s the truck of the future, and always will be vaporware.
      This company doesn’t even have an electric service entrance to their building with enough capacity to test their non-existence charging station. They do not own a 4 wheel bi-directional dynamometer to test any electric vehicle. They brag about their mirrors, headlights, tail lights, steering and infotainment systems — you can get these off the shelf at Repco here in Australia. Their design has virtually no safety features, will never pass crash tests. They have no plans for crash testing. Its been 6 years folks, Atlis doesn’t even have a metal fender. They have no chargers or any infrastructure for their imaginary megawatt charging system or standards for their high voltage megawatt cable interface. They will fold, you will lose your money and the execs will walk becoming rich.

      Good Day from Australia – we know better.

      • Hey thank you for your comment you seem pretty knowledgeable about electric vehicles. This is something I’ve recently been drawn to. I never expected that at all. This sounds funny but it’s no joke. I started swapping my kids power wheel motors out with more powerful systems lol. I know, anyway it made me really start researching electric motors. There is definitely potential there. Don’t get me wrong I love my 2021 f250, but I can tell they are going to phase out combustible engines. So my next truck will most likely be electric. Atlis looks cool , but like the blog says it’s just a Facebook ad no real products to invest in. Your comment was very helpful thanks.

    2. The “New” Atlis battery isn’t new at all.
      Automotive manufactures have been using NMC chemistry for over 5 years. Cars with NMC batteries include, as of 2020: Audi e-tron GE, BAIC EU5 R550, BMW i3, BYD Yuan EV535, Chevrolet Bolt, Hyundai Kona Electric, Jaguar I-Pace, Jiangling Motors JMC E200L, NIO ES6, Nissan Leaf S Plus, Renault ZOE, Roewe Ei5, VW e-Golf and VW ID. When are you guys going to have a first article truck for testing? Atlis is a SCAM!

      • Atlis doesn’t claim any néw breakthroughs with battery chemistry. They say they are chemistry agnostic. Check out their YouTube post 6 days ago.

    3. They have said they built their cell in house. In a previous video, a vendor made all of the parts for them and they just put it in a case……They haven’t made a battery pack yet, and no independent testings. Without those, they are claiming they have thousands of orders already? From whom or what? Who would buy a battery pack that has been verified it even works.

      It is a scam folks.

        • No they are not making anything in house, all they did was stuff some items and weld a container.

          Even if what they did was legit, everything was made by vendors and they just slapped it together, rather sloppy.

          Did you notice that as soon as they did their “reveal” which didn’t include any specs or info on the cell itself. They “suddenly” have contracts, no company is going to invest, unless they know the product will work. Atlis hasn’t even done that.

          • We released details on the cell, capacity, etc. More details than TESLA released on their own cells. (Tesla just says 5x more energy). We actually release specs to the public.

        • In an empty 40,000 sq ft rental unit building they claim “potential” sales of $200 million made in house without a single piece of equipment. They claim an evaluation of nearly 1 Billion and all they’ve accomplished is to push a mock up around in that empty building. How does one spell SCAM 3X ?

    4. Atlis needs to address these issues ASAP
      Construct three 3 pre-production prototypes for crash testing
      Drivers side small overlap, head on, and side impact collision testing
      Test automatic emergency breaking (AEB)
      Increase wheel diameter and tire size to accommodate load ratings
      Increase suspension system load limits
      Complete battery pack temperature testing
      Vehicle-To-Vehicle Communication tests
      Autonomous and Connected Driving Systems
      Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)
      Forward collision warning system
      Adaptive lighting, headlights
      Lane departure warning, blind spot detection
      GPS Navigation, hill ascent, descent prediction
      On-board cargo weighing system
      Internet Hot Spot Connectivity
      Voice Recognition, all systems
      Cloud-connected Satellite connected on board diagnostics
      Pairing or Connecting cell Phone with Bluetooth system
      Auto Hold (hill stop) system
      Head-Up Display (HUD)
      Air Conditioning capacity BTU   R-1234yf  under 3oz per EPA
      Preheat, cool passenger compartment, seats 30 min
      Obtain chassis dynamo-meter, inc environmental chamber testing
      Design of DC Megawatt charging station and cable interface
      Glass design, automatic darkening, solar heat reflection coefficient
      On-board 120Vac – 240Vac 12.5kW inverter for power tools, etc
      Hands free driving on qualified highways
      Extended range 450kWH battery for 700 mile range 
      Faster charge time to 5 minutes maximum for 80% charge recovery
      Run-flat tires with on board compressor for auto tire inflation
      Multipurpose tail gait with down, left-right hand opening
      Backup trailer or bed mounted diesel generator for extended range
      Hands free driving on qualified highways
      Extended range 450kwh battery for 700 mile range
      Need to beat FORD F-150 production dates

    5. Have you seen the latest Atlis video “XT Prototype Build Update- Frame Progress” June 22. How do they expect to fabricate a truck under these conditions? There must be 15 Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) violations in the first two minutes of the video. If anyone gets hurt in this place they are in big trouble, so is my investment. Oh Oh

    6. Have you seen the latest Atlis YouTube video? June 22, “Welding up the XT frame”. Their “factory” looks like a third world country “chop shop” operation. Doesn’t even look safe to work there. Ho on earth are they going to produce trucks? FORD F-150 Lightning will roll out one truck every 58 seconds, something to think about, 40,000 workers world wide..

    7. RE: Steering Wheel Video – June 24, 2021
      Where is the Airbag Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) accommodation on the steering wheel?
      Airbag Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) (steering wheel mounted) is standard equipment on
      Ford F-600, 2007 GMC Sierra 2500 3500, Chevrolet Silverado 2500 3500 and the new Ford F150 Lightning,
      and the new Lordstown Motors Endurance.

    8. The name Tucker came to mind when I read about them. Tried to do due diligence but there is nothing to do diligence with. Bernie Madoff is watching this from his grave.

    9. Please do more research before putting up a bogus post like this the company is real and has done a lot of work and getting pretty far.

      • Then please post what patents they hold. I have done the searches at the patent site for their applications and it came up empty.

    10. Wed August is the day to watch! The XT prototype truck will hit the road.
      Hopefully mayor John Giles will take the wheel like President Biden with
      the Ford Lightning electric. Don’r miss the event.

      Wednesday Augest 25th at:
      Atlis Motor Vehicles Inc.
      1828 N Higley Rd
      Mesa, AZ 85205

      No official time announced yet, but probably around 11:00am.
      Contact [email protected] for more info

    11. See the latest Aug 10th Atlis Youtube video. Mark has tackled the chip shortage and is producing them in house here in Mesa. XT truck on display August 25 here in Mesa. They have been test driving the truck around the Mesa area for the last month. Great news for investors. Finally a company that knows what they are doing.

      • They didn’t say they are making chips, they said they are going to be placing multi year orders for chips that are not in high demand.

        The truck hasnt been driving around, they tore it apart to “upgrade from their data”. Which is odd, didn’t they claim they can make a truck with a 500 miles range and tow up to 35000 lbs? Then why do they need to upgrade anything if they already forgive it out? The answer is they don’t have it and are pretending they do.

        • They have plenty of pictures of the truck with the Arizona and Mesa scenery in the background. They also show the variations of the truck models the have produced for driving and testing. Do a Google image search for “Atlis Trucks”and you can see them. Do you think all these pictures are fake? Nonsense, they are real, the SEC doesn’t allow fake representation.. Invest in this company, they are the best.

          • There are red flags all over the place. The latest video showing the truck moving inside the “factory” looks like an oversized kid’s toy. I honestly hope you didn’t invest in this sham.

    12. I wonder if Atlis will use their new XT to pull a railroad train like Ford did with their electric F150 Lightning? Maybe they could do one better and pull a 747 aircraft.. They are very near Falcon Field in Mesa. Good possibility, ‘eh?
      Can’t wait for Aug 25th test drives!

    13. Atlis is finalizing the details for their August 25 roll out of the XT pickup. The latest videos show washer bottle, tail lights and window edge rubber gaskets. These items are all engineered and produced in house at their Mesa factory using advanced technology and the latest computer controlled production machinery like Mark promised. Promises made, promises kept!.

    14. Mark at Atlis has chosen Owens Corning Foamular for the XT Prototype. See the latest video. This material is easy to work with can be sanded and painted to look like a real truck. Probably will put a camo paint job on it for a final finish.

    15. Great news! Atlis Motor Vehicles just signed an agreement with Australian Manufactured Vehicles to sell Over 19,000 XT Pickups In Australia. AusMV will buy ATLIS XT pickups and convert them to right-hand drive in Australia for sale in the Oceania and Southeast Asia market. Seems like Atlis will begin shipping in late December 2021 or early January 2022. Watch Atlis stock skyrocket now!

      • 👌 AWESOME. Luv this New company. Smart Great people work there. A fan favorite with the blue collar people in America. Hope they succeed BIGTIME.

    16. Problems:
      The Atlis’s body is unworkable. The flat surfaces will “oil can” (bend, wobble) as you drive. A large flat area is always going to drum and vibrate. Needs complete redesign, these flat panels will make an unbearable noise on a rough road. Where are the interior air conditioner outlets? There are no weather seals on the frunk or doors. Lights, mirrors, reflectors are not SAE/DOT approved. No crush zones for impact protection. Charging network does not exist. Sorry, no investment here. Atlis fails to drive during the demo. (September 27, 2021, 05:08pm MST) In an interview by Andy Blye, Reporter for, Andy reported that problems will keep the XT prototype from operating properly during the demonstration on Sept 28th. “Hanchett warned that the Atlis team had recently broken several of the gearboxes on the prototype and that the vehicle may not move”. Seems to me that they may be trying to use aluminum gears with a hard coat finish to save money. Hardened alloy steel gears are difficult to machine from a billet, require a heat treating process and are expensive. A large prototype gear can easily cost $50,000 or more. Probably saving where they shouldn’t have. Mirror Laws, similar in every US state:
      “shall be equipped with mirrors on both the left-and right-hand sides of the vehicle so located as to reflect to the driver a view of the highway through each mirror for a distance of at least 200 feet to the rear of such vehicle” Electronic devices can supplement, but not replace standard mirrors. GOOGLE: Sorry, no investment here. A crowdfunding investment involves risk. You should not invest any funds in this offering unless you can afford to lose your entire investment.



    18. Folks, Atlis is falling behind. They were just able to cobble together a plywood-Styrofoam truck for the latest crowdfunding round. It does not drive per expectations, has no operating windows, air bags, weather seals, turn signal steering wheel stalk, windshield wipers, proper windshield safety glass, air conditioning-heating system, compressor-air tank installation, inverters, SAE approved mirrors, or exterior lighting, tires and wheels that meet the load rating, and no charging pedestals just to mention a few deficiencies. Virtually nothing on this vehicle is an example of anything close to production ready. Their cell design is being surpassed by the BYD Blade Cell which has superior performance, cost and safety attributes, is currently in production and available to purchase. BYD has positioned themselves to make billions of cells, has wold-wide patents and will become the future industry standard. Atlis’s attempting to make a cell production facility out of a bunch of 2 X 4′ is laughable. The days of an individual producing a complex vehicle are over. You will see Atlis attempt to survive by farming out the body, cells, motors, drive system and other components to experts. This will not be cost effective, and will exhaust their investors money. Any vehicles produced will be too expensive to be competitive.

    19. Face the facts: raising millions will not deliver a vehicle. It takes several BILLIONS to realize production. These guys are simply living off of the money they can raise off saps on Facebook.


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