The Cars of Archer – Season 2

    Now that you’ve made it through season 1 and spotted all of the cars, you’re probably dying to watch more Archer. I scoured the episodes from season 2 and spotted another round of great cars, including a bunch of Formula cars from a race in Monaco. I hope you enjoy the list and, as always, feel free to call me out on any wrong ones!

    Chevrolet Bel Air (1955 – 1956)


    This car was just parked in the background during one of the first episodes. It is similar to the Bel Air in the first season with a little different paint style.

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    Dodge Challenger (1970 – 1974)



    Archer’s signature black Challenger makes another appearance with significantly fewer bullet holes in it this time. They still have never mentioned the exact sub model of this Challenger yet.

    Aston Martin V8 Vantage (1977 – 1989)



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    Lana still has, in my opinion, the coolest car in the series thus far. The artists at the Archer studio even got the tail lights correct on this Aston Martin. Props to the purple color!

    Also, picture below, I think the showrunners sneaked in another V8 Vantage behind Cheryl in this frame. The fender vent, window layout, and body lines match the one Lana drives.


    Volga GAZ-24 (1970 – 1974)

    Now this one I would have never recognized if I hadn’t have happened to watch ‘James May’s Cars of the People’ a couple years back. In that show May did a segment on the Russian company Lada and that’s how I knew where to start looking. The easiest way to tell this is a Volga GAZ-24 is the very boring grille with the triangle cut off on the top and the way to tell that it is a 70 – 74 model is the singular headlights.


    Mid 60’s Formula 1 Cars

    At the end of the 11th episode titled “Jeu Monegasque”, or Monacan Game, there is an exciting and hilarious Formula 1 race between the leading characters. Now there is a ton of trivia to this episode that can be found here, but I’m only going to point out a few tidbits.

    • The Monaco Grand Prix is a real circuit that runs through the town of Monaco, France.
    • Monaco is actually a sovereign city state but is connected to France.
    • The car Archer is driving has the Lotus F1 team paint scheme.
    • The car Lana is driving has the same paint scheme and number as Herbie the Love Bug.

    Fiat 500

    What would Archer be without a Fiat 500 sprinkled in every once in a while?


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    Chris Berke
    Chris Berke
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