Laser Rust Removal: Too Good To Be True?

    The rust remover everyone has been waiting for!
    Rear Plate Only McLaren 12C

    Rear Plate Only Requirement Change in South Dakota

    Ideally, there's be no front plates...
    BMW M3 GT3 Art Car

    Top 10 Crazy Supercar Paint Jobs

    What makes a supercar even more super? An insane paint job to go with the insane styling. We scoured the internet (which wasn't very...
    MP3 R34 Nissan Skyline - Short Shift-36

    USA’s First Legal Midnight Purple R34 GT-R

    The dream car your dream car dreams about.
    Doug DeMuro Drinking Game - Short Shift

    The Doug DeMuro Drinking Game

    This article has a lot of "quirks and features".
    Steve's 1993 Mazda RX-7 - Short Shift-12

    Introducing… Short Shift’s New Ride!

    Worth the hassle? A definite yes.

    Lamborghini Crash at Powercruise 2019

    Heroic actions prevent tragedy on closed course.
    Twin Cities Auto Show 2014-27

    R8 vs RS7: Which Is The Best Audi On The Road?

    Which Audi do you think deserves the crown?

    Rivsu Imports, LLC: A Horror Story

    A thorough personal account of trying to import a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 4 from Japan and being left with nothing but a lawsuit.
    Ryan Gates 311RS Evo X (6)

    311RS Evo X: Beauty In Design

    Steve goes 1 on 1 with Ryan Gates, the creator of the 311RS.
    Drive Coffee Review - Short Shift-2

    Wake Up And Smell The Drive Coffee

    Who knew cars and coffee could be a thing?
    MNE&S - McLaren 675LT (3)

    An Afternoon With Minnesota Exotics & Supercars

    An afternoon with Minnesota's most exclusive car club.
    2017 Honda Civic Type R Reveal - Sioux Falls

    2017 Honda Civic Type R Reveal

    Is it ugly... or brilliant?
    C8 Corvette Configurator Chris

    How We Would Configure Our C8 Corvette

    It's fun to dream!

    Starboy Drives a McLaren P1

    I’m trying to put you in the worst mood, P1 cleaner than your church shoes.
    Conan Berlin Trabant

    Conan Does Cars In Berlin

    Would you rather have a BMW i8, or a Trabant 601?