Conan O’Brien has always been my favorite late night host and once a year he takes his show on the road to another country. He recently went to Berlin, Germany and the episode aired earlier this week. He had a ton of hilarious segments but the best had to be his two car reviews. Nothing is better than when a comedian gets his hands on a car!

BMW i8 on the Autobahn: Lars from the BMW Driving Experience takes Conan out in a BMW i8 and they go fast on the Autobahn. Conan reaches 141 mph but the i8 has a (computer limited) top speed of 160 mph.

Trabant 601: Conan gets a taste of Berlin with their original car, the Trabant 601. The Trabant was the only car sold in eastern Berlin during the period of the Berlin Wall (1961 – 1989). It remained mostly unchanged for 30 years.

What are your thoughts?