What’s With That Koenigsegg CCXR Sporting SD Plates?

    Twin Supercharged V8, 1,004 Horsepower, 782 lb-ft of Torque

    We’ve all seen it. We’ve all talked about it. And we’ve all wondered: Is there really a Koenigsegg CCXR in South Dakota? And if not, why the heck does it have South Dakota license plates? Will I get to see it at the next Cars & Coffee of Siouxland? Will it pull up at a stoplight next to me while I’m in my Honda Accord? Answer me!

    The short answer is no, it’s not from here. And it’s likely this Koenigsegg CCXR has never stepped foot, or tire, in South Dakota. Since these questions were also burning in our brains, we decided to do as much research as possible and map out the details. Here we go!

    First, the source. Everyone spotted it last week when VINwiki posted their “Off-Road Donuts in a LaFerrari Aperta” video. Here’s the link below and you’ll see the car in question right around the 4:15 mark.

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    Next, the car. Those of you “not in the know” will probably be wondering what the heck this thing is. All you need to know for the sake of this article is that it is a highly engineered, limited production supercar developed by a company called Koenigsegg (cone-ig-seg) in Sweden. Here are the details and a picture on this particular one found on the Unofficial Koenigsegg Registry:

    • 2008 Koenigsegg CCXR
    • CCXR number 065. (Website also labels it as 7065)
    • Only CCXR in the world without a spoiler
    • Grey Exterior, Tan Interior
    • Left Hand Drive
    • U.S. Spec
    • VIN: YT9XD33B08A007065

    Koenigsegg CXXR - Unofficial Koenigsegg Registry

    So where’s it from? This answer is a little bit tougher to answer. The license plate starts with 19 which is the South Dakota designation for Clay County, Vermillion. Since we’re pretty sure no USD college students are driving to class hungover in a CCXR, we have to go with the bio on the Registry site again. Here as follows:

    This CCXR is easily one of the most enigmatic Koenigseggs in the U.S.  It has been registered in Nevada since 2009, and sees regular service in California, yet photographic spots of it are exceedingly rare.  Its only notable recent public appearance was August 2015 in Monterey, California during the annual car show week.  It was among several Koengiseggs in the area at that time.

    So why the SD plates? Simple. Money! Many exotic car owners register their vehicles in less expensive states such as Oregon or Montana; Oregon currently being the cheapest. But South Dakota is just as expensive as any other place so what gives? Well, there are two things SD has that many other states do not: No income tax and very inexpensive insurance. Perhaps this owner has a business, property, or P.O. Box in the Vermillion, SD area so they can license the car. Who knows, maybe the CCXR was even a convenient business expense. Must be nice!

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    Finally, there’s the screenshot. We’ve taken a lot of pictures of a lot of cars in the Sioux Falls area over the years and the location in the image doesn’t look familiar in any way. It’s possible that there are warehouses with that particular fence around the premises but it’s just too unlikely that this rare of a version of this car would go by unspotted.

    If you have any more information on this 2008 Koenigsegg CCXR we’d love to hear from you!

    Koenigsegg CXXR South Dakota - Short Shift


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    Chris Berke
    Chris Berke
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