Spotted! Volvo 1800S

The S stands for "Sverige".

After driving past this gorgeous specimen from the 60s I just had to stop to take some pictures. I had no idea what this immaculate car was until I walked around the back and saw the words “Volvo“. Woah!  It’s not every day you see something from Sweden that could be parked next to an Aston Martin DB5 and still fit in!

If you were just as in the dark as me about the Volvo 1800s, here’s some fast facts:

  • Originally the P1800, the first concept came out in 1957.
  • It took on the 1800s name in 1963.
  • It’s a 2+2, rear wheel drive, and has a 4-cylinder engine with 115 horsepower.
  • Top speed is 109 mph.
  • Roger Daltry of The Who owned one.

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