Valentine’s Special: Unlikely Car Couples

    We at Short Shift believe that love has no color, orientation, or discrimination. Some car owners believe that if they have one type of car, that car can only be around other cars that are similar. Well no matter how much you try to keep it in the garage, your car will end up cruising with whatever car it wants to… because love finds a way. Here are some unlikely car couples that have found their way into each other’s hearts!

    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution & Subaru Imrpeza STI – All they were taught was to hate each other, but they found something in common: they both look great in blue.

    STI and Evo - Motortrend

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    Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro – A true Romeo and Juliet story here. The Ford and Chevrolet families have been fighting for over 50 years, but these two won’t be denied their romantic cruise.

    Camaro and Mustang - Motortrend

    Audi S5 and BMW M4 – Their parents are German perfectionists but they weren’t perfect. All these two want is a quiet mountain road were they can let loose.

    Audi S5 vs BMW M4 - Car & Driver

    Ferrari F430 and Lamborghini Gallardo – Their parents hated each other. Ferruccio Lamborghini and Enzo Ferrari had disagreed on how to make cars, so they were born to hate each other. However, they both enjoy this beach where they watch the sunset together.

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    Ferrari and Lamborghini - Jumping Polar Bear

    Mini Cooper and Fiat 500 – There is no real hate here. Just a small argument on who is the cutest.

    Fiat and Mini Cooper - Wilchen558

    Nissan GT-R and Porsche 911 Turbo – The GT-R was designed to be better than the 911 for half of the price. When Nissan succeeded, the 911 became jealous and fell into depression. The GT-R reminded the 911 that it was still beautiful and they have been friends ever since.

    Porsche 911 Turbo Nissan GTR - Motortrend







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    Chris Berke
    Chris Berke
    I am the founder and editor of Short Shift. My obsession with wanting to drive every car ever made me build a website so I could share my experiences with the world. I love cars, traveling, and my cats, Henry and Winston.


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