If you’re shopping for a BMW or a Mercedes or an Audi come this Spring then you would be stupid not to test drive this. I could explain how it has all of the latest driver safety features or how it has a world class interior filled with luxuries or I could just say look at it. And I will. Just look at it!

The current Genesis is nothing to scoff at either but it seems that Hyundai has upped the ante for 2015. It will be hard to get German sedan owners to convert because Hyundai used to be regarded as the cheaper Honda but just like Kia, they’ve started over and made a real name for themselves. And, just like the current Genesis, the working class hero can have one for around $35,000 and the business executive can have one for around $50,000+ with all of the options. You won’t need an entire revolution to close the income gap because it seems that Hyundai can do it… with a car.

What are your thoughts?