“The most fulfilling moments are the ones you never expect to happen.”

This is me, in a 2013 Ferrari 458 Italia. When I woke up yesterday, there was no hint that today, I would fulfill one of my bucket list wishes. I am a car fanatic. Especially Ferrari. Tuesday, when we went to the Coliseum, two groups split for lunch. One group saw a brand new Ferrari and I was not in that group. Wednesday, in hopes of just catching a glimpse of the Italian beast, I headed up that way when we broke for free time at 12:30.

Lo and behold, I saw it. It was everything I remembered it to be, having seen it once before in 2009 with my brother. As I got closer, I noticed a sign next to it: “Drive a Ferrari”. I thought to myself, “Yeah, that’ll cost an arm and a leg.”

Finally I was up close to it. It was being started up and the engine was revved. The sound was pure music to my ears, and got me very excited to see someone drive off in it. I approached the gentleman who seemed to be handling the car and struck up conversation. He saw that I knew what the car was, and would jump at the offer to sit in it.

So I did, my dream of sitting in a Ferrari 458 was coming true. Then, my heart stopped. He handed me the keys…

If I could start it and rev it a bit, I could die a happy man.

So I did. My wildest dreams of revving a Ferrari were coming true! Then a slim gentleman sits down next to me and says, “I am Vittorio, I am your co-driver today.”

Woah woah I never…..oh gosh….well I’m going to be driving a Ferrari, in Rome. Why on earth would I get out now? This was something I thought would never happen.

As I drive around Rome, seeing the Coliseum and other beautiful sights, I cannot grasp that I am really driving a Ferrari. Let alone in the only city that can compare to the beauty of this car; a very fulfilling milestone in my life.

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