Last Saturday, AutoMotorPlex hosted Minnesota Cars and Coffee (MNCANDC). Normally this event shows off 800 – 900 cars and attracts 2500 – 3000 spectators! The cars ranged from slammed Euros, to tricked out Mustangs, to a $6 million Ferrari 250. There was also newly wrapped matte silver Lamborghini Adventador!

While walking around AutoMotorPlex, there is more than just cars to see. The garages are equally as tricked out. One even had set pieces from old Batman and Green Hornet films that included the Batmobile and the Black Beauty!

Unfortunately I lost about 100 photos from earlier in the day but no worries, I’ll be out there next month where there is a rumored Bugatti Veyron Vitesse to make an appearance!

For more info on Minnesota Cars and Coffee check out the link! MNCANDC

*Photos by Stephen Miller